Red Whale geeft drie maanden gratis toegang tot z'n website

Door de COVID-19 epidemie moeten we helaas de GP Update van 4 april 2020 in Genk annuleren. Red Whale, de organisatie die de inhoud van deze opleiding verzorgt, stelt de komende drie maanden zijn website open voor alle huisartsen. Hieronder' vindt u instructies om toegang te krijgen. 

Zodra deze epidemie bedwongen is gaan we op zoek naar een nieuwe datum...

A Letter of support from Red Whale

Three months FREE to all clinicians.
Fast and reliable answers when you need them most.

Dear colleagues and friends,

Thank you to so many of you for your support as we made the difficult decision to cancel our courses due to COVID-19. Red Whale has been supporting primary care for the past 11 years and at this incredibly difficult time, we want to continue to be of service to you.

Our promise to you

We promise to:

  • Continue to keep you updated as the situation evolves through our COVID-19 Pearls. These are free to all and you are welcome to share them. You can sign up for them here
  • Still never take any money from Big Pharma. Ever!
  • Continue to provide fast and reliable answers from a trusted source through our online reference

Transfer all the passion and quality of our face-to-face courses to our online courses and webinars so that you can continue to benefit from great, interactive clinical content even if you can't attend a course.

Free for everyone

It’s tough for every single one of us at the moment, especially clinicians returning to practice or working in unfamiliar circumstances. We need fast and reliable answers and is best placed to support clinicians over this difficult time.

So we’re giving 3 months access FREE TO ALL CLINICIANS.

How to access your 3 months FREE

If you are not currently a GPCPD member, go to and enter the activation code RWGIFT

If you are already a GPCPD member, go to, choose the ‘Manage your membership/subscriptions’ and enter RWGIFT into the ‘Top up and upgrade codes’ box.

For step-by-step video instructions of how to redeem the code please go to:

CPD in Challenging times?

Small businesses face many challenges in the months ahead and Red Whale is no different.

We want to be here to offer high quality content that helps clinicians across primary care long after this crisis has passed. Unlike many medical education providers, we take no money whatsoever from Big Pharma to subsidise our work.

So, if at this difficult time, you need answers to difficult questions, want support returning to practice or just want to keep up to date, please do consider our online courses and resources to see you through.

We have worked really hard to transfer everything you have told us you love about our face to face courses to the small screen and we promise there won't be a talking head and lots of powerpoint slides in sight.

You can find our whole range of online offerings here

Thank you for your support and for all you’re doing for patients and the NHS, and do take care of yourselves,

Lucy and the Red Whale team

Our Online Learning: