22nd International Balint Congress- Balint core values: cohesion and flexibility

31 aug
31 augustus 2022 09:00 – 4 september 2022 14:00
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Maison N.-D. du Chant d’Oiseau - Training Center
Avenue des Franciscains 3A
1150 Brussel

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Why should you participate?

  • For the conviviality, the rich international encounters, the sharing of experiences, … 
  • The fundamental belief of Balint is that a symptom - especially if repetitive and not responding to the usual treatment – contains a message which is humanly perceivable but not yet understood. This perception requires time and reflection. Sharing a clinical situation amongst a group of health care takers allows the doctor to become conscious of the hidden dimension of a patient’s request.      
  • In the current period of uncertainties, this approach has become even more important as physical presence is jeopardized.   This human dimension of health care is the future of care   because scientific progress will be more and more generated and managed through artificial intelligence.
  • This congress brings together during five days international experts in care relationship.  
  • The scientific presentations will be held in English.  
  • Balint groups will be held in the following languages: English, French, Dutch and German.  
  • This event is organized jointly by the SBB  and the IBF . 


«Balint core values: cohesion and flexibility»

Five sessions of Balint groups (each comprising around 10 persons)

  • Workshops and posters
  • 20 speakers
  • 21 hours of training


  • A guided tour of Brussels followed by a gala dinner in the Castle of Grand Bigard. (On Friday 2 September) 

Practical information

Venue: Maison N.-D. du Chant d’Oiseau - Training Center • Avenue des Franciscains 3A • B-1150 Brussels, Belgium • www.chant-oiseau.be 

Price, accommodation, registration: www.balint2022.be

For any further information: Dr Christian LINCLAU • Email: doclinclau@gmail.com • Tel.: + 32 (0)472 36 54 20

Administration: Mrs. Brigitte BODSON • Email: balint@skynet.be • Tel.: +32 (0)2 731 92 33