International exchange project on family violence


The aims of the network are :
  • to compare care pathways, local application protocols and guidelines;
  • to document the provision of care and collect evidence on Domestic Violence, Elderly Abuse and Child Abuse in different primary health care settings;
  • to share existant expertise at put this at disposal of starting interest groups in other countries;
  • to review existant evidence and review areas for further research and development;
  • to develop a minimum dataset for documentation and comparison studies on violence;
  • to study and promote primary health care care effective collaboration with specialised multidisciplinary care on family violence;
  • to develop effective training protocols for primary care;
  • to develop further collaborative projects;
  • to develop further policies on FV.

We update two yearly our information on the country policy and procedures related to family violence and primary care. Please complement this enquiry for Your country for 2010 by clicking here.

We also make an inventory of running or planned projects. These are confidentially shared with network members and will be discussed during an invitational conference before the Eurpoean Wonca meeting on the 6th of october 2010 held in Malaga. To be invited please provide your project description here of country information.